Chinese Intelligent Manufacturing Thrives in North America, Mednova Dual Column DR Systems Highly Acclaimed

Release time:2023/11/08

In early 2022, Mednova Medical Dual-column DR system of Staray 5000Super series was successfully installed and accepted in North America. With its high-definition digital medical imaging technology, the product has received high praise from experts and clinical doctors such as Marco Alfonso and Dybala. It provides local hospital with intelligent, efficient, and precise DR imaging experience, greatly improving the hospital's diagnostic and treatment processes and efficiency.

On the current pandemic situation, Chinese medical companies have been continuously strengthening their global influence. As early as the beginning of 2013, Mednova Medical had already started its overseas market expansion and achieved good results. Our products have been exported to numerous developing countries in North and South America, making significant contributions to the global fight against the pandemic.

North America, officially known as North America, is located in the northern part of the Western Hemisphere. It is the second most developed continent in the world economy. While the United States and Canada are developed countries, the remaining countries in the region are considered developing countries. In recent years, China's political mutual trust and pragmatic cooperation with North American countries have deepened and expanded, forming a multi-level and diversified cooperative framework. In terms of epidemic prevention and control, certain regions have an urgent need for advanced digital medical products to address complex situations and safeguard the well-being of their populations.

As a leading brand in the digital medical imaging industry, Mednova Medical actively fulfills its social responsibilities and remains committed to its original mission. It strictly implements national epidemic prevention policies and takes multiple measures to meet the demands of medical institutions both domestically and internationally.

The delivery of the Staray 5000Super series of intelligent dual-column DR system to grassroots hospitals in North America is a typical example of Mednova Medical's core imaging chain technology. It is equipped with a 17"*17" amorphous silicon flat panel detector, ultra-high-frequency high-voltage generator, intelligent floating bed controlling system, and Staray 4.0 image algorithm software. The images produced are ultra-clear and detailed, providing more convenient clinical operations, stable performance, efficient positioning, and assisting doctors in making more precise clinical image diagnoses.

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The Staray 5000Super series of intelligent dual-column DR system incorporates new process technologies in patient registration, selection of imaging conditions, patient positioning, and image acquisition and processing. It features a multi-functional operating interface mode in Spanish and English, among others, to accommodate the daily operational habits of American countries. This greatly enhances the efficiency of radiologists' work and has received high praise and recognition from the hospital authorities.

The Mednova’s Staray series dual-column DR machine features six signature functions known as the "6S" technology: smart track, smart pos, smart stand, smart monitor and so on. These functions aim to protect patients with lower radiation doses, reduce the workload of medical staff through intelligent operations, and provide healthier diagnostic and treatment services to patients.

Mednova Medical was established in 2008 and has spent fourteen years exploring and practicing in the field of digital medical imaging equipment. During this time, Mednova Medical has focused on independent brand development, continuously producing innovative achievements, and winning numerous product accolades. The company firmly believes in and implements a new model of digitalization and intelligence in the medical field, utilizing its profound technological reserves for the betterment of human health and well-being. In the future, Mednova Medical will accelerate its overseas expansion, seizing opportunities presented by the Belt and Road Initiative. We  aim to comprehensively expand our industrial chain, increase production capacity, and establish a sound overseas operational system. Through practical actions, Mednova Medical strives to establish itself as a high-end intelligent manufacturer and enhance the image of a national enterprise brand.