Building Partnerships to Manufacture Solutions

Mednova Medical uses technologies and expertise to deliver solutions for the core parts of X-ray detection and offers various flexible OEM/ODM customization services for medical digital imaging, industrial NDT, Vet X-ray imaging, etc. Mednova and our partners can get more opportunities and business success.


  • Medical Digital X-RAY Systems

    If your customers are hospitals and clinics, we have existing programs such as portable DR, double column DR, mammography DR, C-arm and so on. We can also provide Detector, Generator and other components.

  • Industrial NDT

    Mednova can provide you with High-Performance Non-Destructive Testing Solutions and provide specialized consulting.

  • Veterinary Imaging

    Animals deserve excellent treatment when it comes to detecting, diagnosing. Our solution enables to effectively image animals such as birds and horses with outstanding image quality.


Customized solutions

We can produce the products according to your needs, which includes the product's appearance, features, and specifications, as well as your brand and logo.

Standardizing Quality and Process

Our quality management system adheres to ISO9001 and ISO13485. We also conduct industry-specific tests to meet your requests.

Professional Engineers Team

A team of engineers with more than 15 years of experience in the X-ray field can respond to customer requests in a timely and accurate manner.

Adequate Capacity and Production Lines

We own high-precision manufacturing technologies, as well as production lines that can manufacture small and large volumes.


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