Tungsten & Molybdenum Target Mammography DR System

Mednova's Femaray series of Mammography DR system, is the gold standard for breast cancer screening. It is specifically designed and suitable for women with dense breasts, and has been awarded "excellent domestic medical device" in China for several years. With its large field of view, it provides perfect images, 
caring for women's breast health.


  • Large-Size of Amorphous Silicon Flat Panel Detector

    Covering various breast sizes

  • Tungsten & Molybdenum Alloy Target Technology

    It has bigger penetrating power than single-molybdenum target, and can greatly reduce the radiation dose, being more suitable for women with dense breasts. By providing high-quality images, it can effectively assist doctor's diagnosis and treatment

  • Smart Positioning System

    One-key auto head rotation for easier positioning; multi-screen can display parameters like compression force, angle and so on; fast height adjustment covers different body heights. It is more convenient for patients, and easier for doctors

  • Multi-Level Intelligent Compression and Release Technologies

    It compresses breasts with less pain, and releases breasts in many ways such like manual control, electric control, software control and so on, can greatly reduce the compression risk and time, resulting in higher image quality and better patient experience


Intelligent Inframammary Fold Blind Zone Elimination Technology Developed In-House

Based on detector adhesion angle and specially designed carbon fiber plate curvature, intelligent image algorithms eliminate blind zones in inframammary fold area, effectively improving detection rate of lesions in this region

Intelligent Low-Dose AEC Exposure Technology

Advance instant pre-exposure, intelligently acquires imaging parameters, generates uniform high-precision images for different individuals, greatly reduces radiation dose, ensuring health of vast number of women

High-End Component Integration

Imported large heat capacity, low dose W/Mo tube and generator from the US, constituting clinical digital mammography medical imaging system


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